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T I N T E R N   A B B E Y

Lines Written a Few Miles Above Tintern
Abbey, on Revisiting the Banks
of the Wye during a
Tour, 13 July,


~ ~ ~

Five years have passed; five summers, with the length

Of five long winters! and again I hear

These waters, rolling from their mountain-springs

With a sweet inland murmur. —Once again

Do I behold these steep and lofty cliffs,

Which on a wild secluded scene impress

Thoughts of more deep seclusion; and connect

The landscape with the quiet of the sky.

~ ~ ~

A letterpress limited edition of 80 copies, 40 pages, hand set with cold type in Goudy’s Italian Oldstyle, with calligraphy rendered digitally to magnesium plates by designer Holly Dean. Illustrated with seven engravings by Larry Thompson. Printed on a Vandercook 219 onto St. Armand Canal paper. Dimensions: 9.5 inches tall x 5.5 inches wide.

REGULAR EDITION: Half bound in cloth with painted papers created by Holly Dean. $160.

DELUXE EDITION: Copies numbered one through fifteen quarter bound by Christine McNair in leather with painted papers created by Holly Dean, in slip cover. Complete with set of engravings printed on St. Armand Old Master paper. $260.  SOLD OUT

Shipping and handling additional. Discounts to the trade.

Orders welcome at

~ ~ ~

More than five years have passed since Greyweathers Press published its first book, Coleridge’s popular poem Kubla Khan. Once again, we return to the Romantics to celebrate our first half decade and to commemorate a visit we made to the Wye Valley in the fall of 2008.

William Wordsworth wrote ‘Tintern Abbey’ to be the thoughtful and serious end-note for the poems assembled in Lyrical Ballads (1798), which included the work of his friend, Samuel Taylor Coleridge. We are pleased to present ‘Tintern Abbey’ on its own, featuring an introduction by Professor Mark Jones of Queen’s University, Canada.


G R A V E N   I M A G E S

A Portfolio of Nineteenth Century Wood Engravings Printed from the Original Blocks

Greyweathers Press, 2010

In the Autumn of 2007, a collector loaned the Press a remarkable set of fourteen vintage wood engraving blocks that she had discovered in an antiquarian’s shop. These we have put through the press; it is possible that they have not been inked for almost 130 years, let alone editioned. The matter and style of the engravings suggests a mid to later nineteenth century origin, ranging in technique from simple line illustrations to highly sophisticated work with detailed tones. It is difficult to say how many hands are responsible for the blocks, but three names can be identified: Samuel Smith Kilburn, a Boston wood engraver; George Matthews from Montreal and Boston; and the name, initial and monogram of F. Archibald.

The book has been printed by hand on Canson Mi-Teintes paper in an edition of 100 copies. Included in the edition are thirteen mounted wood engravings, hand printed on Fabriano Accademia paper. There are many perils in printing from such old blocks; sadly, a fourteenth block cracked on the press, and has been reproduced from a magnesium plate based on an early proof. The type is Italian Oldstyle. Foreword by the printer, L.F. Thompson.

Dimensions 9.25 x 12 inches, 30 pages including 14 plates. Quarter bound in cloth and paper. Price $160. Discounts for booksellers and pre-sales. Prospectus includes the above details, a sample page from the book and a tipped-in wood engraving. Mailed upon request – $10.

Greyweathers Press, Box 574, Merrickville, Ontario K0G 1N0 CANADA *

T H E    V A M P I R E   &   T H E   S E V E N T H   D A U G H T E R

An original short story by Larry Thompson titled The Vampire and the Seventh Daughter. This gothic trifle is hand printed with cold type, using our house font, Italian Oldstyle, for the text and the blackface type, Goudy Text, for the cover, title page and opening lines of the story. It is illustrated with four linoleum cut illustrations, and it has been printed in a limited edition of 75 on Arches Text Wove paper from France, with black Mohawk Ultrafine for covers. Cover label hand painted by Holly Dean. Every book is protected from vampires by a tiny cross bound into the front cover.

The Vampire and the Seventh Daughter is pamphlet bound, 8 pages long. $60 per copy plus GST in Canada and shipping. To purchase email Larry Thompson at or call (613) 269-3714. For more information go to



Willis, Kera. Tenebrismo: Ten Poems. Letterpress limited edition of 75, numbered and signed by the author, printer and calligrapher. Deluxe edition number 1 to 15, regular edition numbered 16-75. Printed spring 2007. Released in July of 2007. Not paginated. 36 pages (including double gatefold spread as four pages). Printed with hand set cold type in Italian Oldstyle, excepting the title page and cover motif printed from a copper plate rendered digitally using Brioso Pro and Centaur.

Illustrated with seven linoleum block illustrations cut by the printer, based on drawings and photographs by the author. Decorated with calligraphy and decorative marks in opalescent white ink by Holly Dean. Printed on Williamsburg Offset 75 lb paper, with colour laser printed vintage map of Europe for endpages. Regular edition side stitched into black Mayfair cover stock paper, cover motif printed in black ink with three sinuous lines hand cut through to expose colour end pages beneath. Deluxe edition hard bound in black pigskin with title motif blind embossed on cover. Black paper end pages with cut outs of three sinuous lines on front end page, showing through to a portion of colour laser printed map of Europe tipped in on the bastard title page. Dimensions: 11 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide. ISBN 978-0-9739705-1-7. There was no separate ISBN designation for the deluxe edition. Original selling price: Deluxe edition, $155; Regular edition: $75.

K U B L A   K H A N

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. Kubla Khan. Or, A Vision in a Dream. A Fragment. Letterpress limited edition of 150, numbered and signed by the printer and calligrapher. Printed 2005-2006. Released in July of 2006. Copyright page and colophon indicates publishing date as November 2005. Not paginated. 24 pages. Hand set with cold type, with Printer’s Preface in 18 point Canterbury, small title and title page title in red ink in 32 pt Bodoni, and Author’s Preface and poem in 12 pt Italian Oldstyle. Illustrated with six linocut block prints by Larry Thompson. Two calligraphic drop capitals hand lettered in red ink by Holly Dean. Text block printed on Williamsburg 75 lb Offset Post Card, with Tibetan patterned paper (various) for end pages, all side stitched (exposed spine) into St. Armand cover stock of several varieties, including olive, Ontario flax, mustard flax amongst others, all letterpress printed with ‘KK’ logo and title. A number were bound in St. Armand white cotton Canal paper, some of which were painted with title and decorative paper applied onlay, others left white with letterpressed title and ‘KK’ logo and hand applied red slash across front and back. Dimensions: 7.25 inches tall x 4.75 inches wide. ISBN 0-9739705-0-2. Original selling price: $90.

E M M A   F I E L D

Williams, Carol. Emma Field: Book One. 312 pages, digitally set in Goudy Oldstyle type, with scanned calligraphic drop caps at chapter heads by Holly Dean. First edition, first printing: Printed 2006 in a limited edition of 100. Signed by the author and numbered. Laser photocopied. Hard bound uncovered davey board with black paper over spine and corners. Dimensions: 8.75 inches x 5.75 inches. First edition, second printing: printed 2006 in an edition of 100, unsigned, unnumbered. Laser photocopied. Hard bound uncovered davey board with black paper over spine and corners. Dimensions: 8.75 inches x 5.75 inches. First edition, third printing: printed 2007 in an edition of 100, unsigned, unnumbered. Laser photocopied. Hard bound uncovered davey board with black paper over spine and corners. Dimensions: 8.75 inches x 5.75 inches. Second edition: printed in 2007 in an edition of 500. Offset printed. Trade paperback. Dimensions: 8.5 inches x 5.5 inches. Designed and produced by Greyweathers Press under the auspices of Journey Publishing.

2 Comments on “Books in Print”

  1. Kyle Jolliffe Says:

    I’d like to get in touch with Carol Williams as I have Quaker ancestors from Dutchess County who came to Canada.

    Kyle Jolliffe

  2. […] Letterpress printer Larry Thompson blogs about the the kind of thing letterpress printers deal with as they use and restore old equipment. His Greyweathers Press seems to have produced several beautiful books, setting –among other things–great examples of English poetry in editions worthy of the words. Take for example this edition of William Wordsworth’s Lines Written a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey.  […]

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