More Teaching at SLC: The Illustrated Book


Why illustrate a book? From purely visual books to marginalia, we have been illustrating books for almost as long as there have been books. It’s not rocket science, since illustration doesn’t mean an ability to draw necessarily. Students will study page decoration, illumination, and the balance between illustrations and text to enhance the narrative, and in the end produce a small illustrated book of their own.

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The Illustrated Book   

An introduction to basic presentation of relief cut blocks in book form. Students will learn a little history of the illustrated page, and then using a variety of printing and transfer techniques, they will create an illustrated book, or a collaborative book with other students and create a narrative. Potential applications for portfolio and promotional applications for emerging and established authors.

Additional Information…

Instructor: Larry Thompson
Course Code: CEAR1044
Section: 540
Date: 7/23/2018 – 7/27/2018
Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Day(s) of Week: D  Fee: $223.50
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One Comment on “More Teaching at SLC: The Illustrated Book”

  1. Beautifully proportioned page spread there.

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