Family History – Part Nine


Restored Family History complete with clamshell box.


Part Nine

At the time of transcription, the original copy the Family History was in a state of some distress. Acidic paper and cover material caused yellowing pages, crumbling spine and severe deterioration of the binding; this is normal for paper matter from the 19th and 20th centuries. The original book has been restored and stabilized by Natasha Herman of the Redbone Bindery (Amsterdam), with the ultimate intent to deposit it with the Lennox & Addington Museum and Archives of Napanee, Ontario where it will be stored safely in suitable conditions, close to the Thompson family’s point of origin in Canada.

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5 Comments on “Family History – Part Nine”

  1. Deb Says:

    Very interesting. How wonderful to have a family history like that available to you!

    • Larry Says:

      It’s a treasure, really. There was concern over the years about what would happen to it; in just over a century, the family has become fragmented enough to lose track of five of the seven copies, although one more, Gertrude’s, has come to my attention as a result of these posts. It is safe in the hands of descendants. All in all, a satisfying and worthwhile project. One must become carefully with tasks like to these; I drew a sharp line around transcribing and reproducing the text, and not taking on any new genealogical tasks or responsibilities. For me, that would be a particularly deep rabbit hole to leap down right now.

  2. Thank you, so very much, for your postings.

    REPOSITORY for “Dr. Charlie’s edition”

    Napanee is a good choice for the
    “Family History” – it is only a dozen kms
    away from the birthplaces of Joshua and
    his younger siblings..where James Thompson
    (1786-1847) settled in 1823. Joshua was
    there until 1853 when he purchased land
    in Biddulph and he remained there until he
    retired to nearby St. Mary’s, where he scribed
    his biographies and sketches.
    Beyond that though, M. Gertrude (1881-1969)
    Thompson may well have liked that choice of
    location, for though born in Biddulph (Granton),
    her husband, Herbert (1873-1949) Pringle was
    born in Napanee. Herb’s sister Ettie (b 1867),
    also in Napanee, married Gertrude & Dr. Charlie’s
    cousin J. “Fred” Thompson (s/o Joshua’s brother
    Joseph by his wife Jane Bower ). Fred was the
    horse dealer who was amongst the group of
    Thompson’s who left for Manitoba, then later
    left for the west coast, as noted in this clipping
    from the Melita (Manitoba) News:
    Allen Edwin Thompson – On November 9, 1906
    (In 1906 A.E. was a MP in Manitoba and had property in Melita)
    a party of over 40 persons left Melita station in a special
    car for BC, hopeful.
    AE THompson, MPP, his wife
    (Emma Jane Burwash),
    their maid, and four children
    (Gordon, Willard, Harold, Lloyd),
    I.F. (Isaac Fitzhenry) Thompson, his wife
    (Sarah Alzina Evans b. Napanee) and son
    (Edwin Clayton Thompson who married an Asselstine),
    (Joseph) Fred Thompson & his sister
    (Sarah) Julia (who never married).

  3. Larry Says:

    Thanks again Susan. Great feedback!

  4. Karen Says:

    Larry: Thanks so much for sharing this online. I was excited to find your blog only today. My family is the Greene family of Swords, Co. Dublin. Charles Walden Thompson’s wife, Mary Louisa Greene was the granddaughter of Richard Greene who came over to Canada from Ireland with his wife and infant daughter. Are there any more copies of the book available? I would love to own one. I was aware that Joshua Thompson had written a family history but had never seen it.

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