Tintern Abbey gets a nod from Alcuin


I am very pleased to announce that the Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada has recognized our most recent book, a treatment of William Wordsworth’s poem Tintern Abbey, with an Honourable Mention.

Whenever I print a book, I submit a copy cheerfully to Alcuin in the Limited Edition category and think no more of it. I nearly fell out of my chair with astonishment when the call came informing me that Tintern had been recognized. This is not because I feel the book is in any way unworthy to stand — head-bands held high —  with the best. Rather, there is such a deep well of rich talent in fine press and private press printing here, and I knew very well the competition. The caliber of work in this category is simply inspiring.

We are so lucky in Canada to have an organized, juried awards for book design, and to have an organization like Alcuin.  I know from watching jurors at work, and having seen Holly go through the wringer with contests in the fine art field, that when the jury changes each year, there is always a chance to place. But there is also a chance for what most would consider absolute shoe-ins to falter. So it goes.

This is the Press’ first competitive recognition. When I started the Press, I had an agenda for excellence on a number of fronts: design, binding, illustration, subject matter, and press work. I also had the ambition to gain recognition for those standards. If getting the Honourable Mention nod from Alcuin is meant to encourage me to keep pushing against the curve, then it certainly has succeeded.

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6 Comments on “Tintern Abbey gets a nod from Alcuin”

  1. Kera Willis Says:

    Wow! Congratulations. Though from what I have seen, I am not surprised. 🙂

  2. Wollamshram Says:

    A hearty congratulations for the Honourable Mention. It is well deserved.

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  4. Chris (Cath, Cait and Chloe) Says:

    Congratulations Larry ….well deserved I’m sure. And based on a place close to my heart too.

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