A Greyweathers Apprentice

We are pleased to introduce Tasha Thorp, our first "apprentice"

We are pleased to introduce Tasha Thorpe, our first “apprentice”

I’ve been printing periodically on the press for nearly nine years now, and it has been almost entirely a solitary effort. So, when Tasha Thorpe agreed to put in some time on the press, I had to look at my set-up in a new and different way. My space is kind of like the workshop equivalent of a well- used easy chair. It fits me perfectly. I know where everything is, without needing anything labelled – drawers, boxes, type trays. Also, there is the issue of a second person in the what is a very small space. I had no idea how it would work, but it has worked very well. Tasha’s busy tooling up her own art studio making some very cool steam-punk assemblages, but she seems to be enjoying the the very industrial/retro space that letterpress occupies. She is patient and possesses an enviable focus when it comes to dissing and setting type. Her coming to the studio on average once a week has lit a fire under me to begin steps  to accommodate more than just my solitary self. We’re actually getting some pretty decent through-put, which makes me very happy. And it’s made me think hard about how I do things and how things really work in the studio.

Keeping ems & ens straight... Newly defined wells for spacing material

Keeping ems & ens straight… Newly defined wells for spacing material.

Shows outside and inside....

Shows outside and inside….

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