Stinky Reglets

The reglet case shoe-horned into the studio, looking like it always lived there. In front are my slug (leading) cutters, and to the right, part of the metal press furniture. I shot this standing right at the press drum, so all this equipment is handy to the press bed.

As mentioned in the previous post, this past weekend I acquired to cabinets of reglets, these being hundreds of pieces of thin pieces of wood in two thicknesses and approximately 40 different lengths. Think of them as shims that help hold the type and block securely  on the press. These little guys are actually hard to come by, and combining the two sets would make for one fairly complete, and the left-overs could be cut to make up a lot of the difference. They are easy to loose and also get mangled, so complete sets are hard to come by. Over the years, I’ve managed just fine without reglets, but if I had a dollar for ever time I wished I had them, I’d probably be good for a nice holiday. They are just handy to have about.

I also mentioned in the previous post that these ENTIRELY WOODEN press accoutrements had been stored in a dank basement. The cases are not very large, so they both fit in the MINI with ample room to spare. All was well, until the day warmed up and I closed the window and put on the A/C. That funky smell? Yup, stinky reglets.

I left the cases for two days in the blistering sunlight – UV light kills mold – while I thought about how to proceed. A good bath in anti-fungal detergent might do the trick, but wood swells and warps when wet, and the reglets are rather thin pieces of wood. Regardless, I dumped the contents of one case into a tub of warm water and detergent, which removed visible signs of mould and fungus blooms. The case was also thoroughly scrubbed and hosed down, then everything left in the sun and wind to dry out. Hedging, I dry wiped the reglets from the second case, but scrubbed down the cabinet in the same manner.

Excepting four or five pieces, none of the immersed reglets warped after everything was thoroughly dry. There may have been some slight swelling in some, but everything went back into the case as it came out. Even after all that, it still had a faint musty smell, but nowhere near what it was.

All the cabinets and reglets went into large, heavy duty plastic bags with charcoal, which seemed to help further. The second set of reglets are still enclosed with charcoal and as I bring them in to fill the studio case, I’ll have to wipe them with a spray of anti-fungal detergent.

Reglet cabinets bagged up with odor-eating charcoal.



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2 Comments on “Stinky Reglets”

  1. Deb Says:

    A lot of hard work and very clever of you to use the charcoal. Hope they come out ready to use.

  2. hooksmith Says:

    have to try that one

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