The Fantasy in the Forest, July 21 & 22


The Fantasy in the Forest Show coming up this weekend is one that Holly has done for years, and more recently I have shared the booth with prints and my books. With privately printed books, venues like crafts show have proven surprisingly good — the people who attend these shows tend to understand the principle of hand craftsmanship.

The Fantasy in the Forest is a truly wonderful show, located as it is on a crystal clear lake off Perth Road Village, accessible only by a mini bus and some vans that journey from the parking area down to the lake side. It certainly makes the whole event seem like an adventure to those who come. Jamie Brick organizes the show, and exhibits his amazing and fantastical life castings, fused and adorned with driftwood and reclaimed silverware.

Check out Jamie Brick’s website for directions.

Our booth last year. We’re in Jamie’s old showroom this year, and he’s in this space…. We’ve had a preview, and his work looks incredible in this venue!


Light reflecting off the lake, refracted through the glass walls onto Kubla Khan….

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