Show and Sell

Talking the talk in my half of the booth at The Maker's Hand

It has been a busy few weeks here in the studio, dealing with the day-to-day work that flows through as well as prepping for the opening of the Impression/Expression exhibition at Studio22 in Kingston, then followed by the Maker’s Hand show in Piction, Ontario. Most of my preparation involved framing prints, one set of everything for Impression/Expression and another set for the Maker’s Hand show. In an ideal world I might sell out of all these, but reality dictates that some pieces will be coming home again, which will give me lots of stock when I start searching for new venues in the new year. The experience with Studio22 has been amazing. The owners, Hersh and Ally, have been amazing in the midst of a busy time of their own (preparing another exhibition at the ROM), hanging our art, displaying our work and even producing a catalogue. This kind of gallery experience just doesn’t happen much any more. The opening went well, with a good mix of people, many new to us, and good sales. A week later we were in Picton, setting up for The Maker’s Hand. Again, a successful outing with large, enthusiastic crowds and some good sales. Best of all, I sold both copies of the Vampire book that I brought with me. Time to bind up some more! So today I finally cleaned up the remnants of the show, hung the prints back up and had a brief look at the form on the press before replacing the cover. Looking forward to completing the type sample I have set up, then moving on to other, long delayed projects.

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