Press-side books

This blog’s title would make a good name for a press, but what I really mean is that there are certain books that I tend to keep around the press for reference. Some are permanent fixtures, others will come and go.

So here they are, from left to right:

1) a handbound blank notebook, used to record bits of stuff that happen while in the throws of printing;

2) Printing Digital Type. (Something I’ve been studying up on).

3) The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst. (A fixture!)

4) Practical Guide to Drawing (by a couple of Spanish artists) I do sketching and linocuts in the press area, so I like to have some reference books at hand.

5) The Artistic Anatomy of Trees. Yup, I’ve been struggling with representation of vegetation in high contrast relief prints, so I keep this one handy.

6) The Woodcut Artist’s Handbook, by George Walker, Toronto wood engraver. Another fixture, and becoming well thumbed.

7) Design and Figure Carving. Very handy when cutting relief work from lino or wood.

8) Letterpress Printing, a contemporary manual by Maravelas.

9) The DC Comic Guide to Inking (or “Inkling” as seen above on the spine, proof that I’m not the only one who makes typographic errors. It’s been corrected on later editions, which means of course there have been later editions, which it deserves.)A book that’s all about the dark and the light.

10) The spines up, but another book on pen & ink sketching.

11) The Complete Manual of Relief Printmaking. Done in the ’80s by a talented Australian artists, it is a fantastic reference, with lots of lino and special emphasis on style and technique.

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2 Comments on “Press-side books”

  1. I knew Klaus Janson’s name but didn’t remember what I’d seen of his inking. He inked the Miller _Daredevil_ and _The Dark Knight_ – big stuff!

    • Larry Says:

      Yeah, he’s awesome. Inkers are notorious for putting themselves at the bottom of the totem after writers, pencils, colours, even letterers! Janson doesn’t truck with this opinion, and rightly so. And I think, in the vast range of “how to” books that proliferate comics (manga especially), this is the only serious work dedicated to inking.

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