Oh, look, a blog!

Well, it has been a while. There are some picture-heavy posts coming, but for now, here are a couple images from recent activities.

Greyweathers set up at the Wayzgoose.

The Greyweathers table at the Grimsby Wayzgoose. By way of explanation, a ‘wayzgoose’, is an archaic English name for a gathering of printers. Ontario’s Wayzgoose is held annually in April every year, and has been for over 30 years now! It’s a great time to meet with other printers and bookbinders, check out some incredible work and, oh yeah, sell some books too. Holly and I share a table. This year she brought her amazing Muse Journals.

I’ve been doing a bit more commercial work, generally a response to the ever-present pressing need for cash! However, this is a job I would have done anyway, for my friends Laura and Jaimie, both artists, who have started up a business creating amazing interiors and furnishings from reclaimed materials. Check out Rusty Nail Reclamations. They are having a big sale next week, and wanted that unmistakable letterpress treatment, shown here in our house font, Italian Oldstyle, on the magnificent paper from St. Armand, Montreal.

If you’re in the region, come out and see what wild things Laura and Jaimie are up to!

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