Busy Winter Days

This is a post simply to catch up all the little things that have been happening here in the studio.

Previously I posted about printing the labels for Graven Images, as I desperately try to finish off the 28 bound copies that had been standing around the press, in a state of undress:

So I used this monster from another age

to cut these wee things

(Doing delicate tiny work with old 19th century cutters is a tricky maneuver).

So, today I puddled about with glue brush and PVA resulting in this:

followed by gluing down the print mount flaps. All that’s left is the numbering of this particular portion of the edition, and another ten or so copies will be off into the big world.

I’ve been scheming about streamlining the studio, and took a baby step this week. For the last five years, I’ve used this plastic container to hold my coppers, brasses and thins (these being the names of the very thin pieces of metal that shim up the final gaps in a line of hand-set lead type.

It worked fine, but it has to be carried from another part of the studio, so I am always afraid of dropping it, which would represent another layer of hell that Danté never mentioned. So, I smiled sweetly and Holly kindly surrendered this awesome toolmaker’s bit chest, with miniature drawers that fit the thins beautifully, and fits perfectly on the desk, where it will remain.


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One Comment on “Busy Winter Days”

  1. Deb Says:

    Oooooh, that is a NICE cabinet! Holly is a generous woman!

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