Looking Back at 2010

The natural thing to do on a blog is look back. At the beginning of 2010, I blogged a wish list of goals and projects, and it gives me a good measure on the year. My list last year included the following longer-term goals:

1) produce ten books in five years;
2) step up production value;
3) marketing: on-line presence, adverts, launches, more shows, book sellers;
4) intensify illustration: my own, but working with other artists as well;
5) form working alliances with writers, illustrators, printers, bookbinders; and
6) further my studies in book design and typography.

Over the past year, I’ve completed (to varying degrees) the following projects:

– Graven Images – prospectus
Signature for Wayzgoose
Exhibition promotional broadside
wood engraving self portrait
Tenebrismo regular edition
Graven Images
– linocut series – 8 prints
– Taj Mahal illustration commission
– CNQ keepsake

It’s good to look at a list, because I really don’t feel like a did much this year, but looking over the list I feel much better about how things have gone. I’m not close yet to producing 10 substantial books by 2015, but I’ve set out on the road, at least. With Graven Images, I feel I have stepped up to improve the quality of my work, and worked harder on promotion and marketing, with good results. I’ve have begun working with Holly to analyze the work of book designers who I admire in an effort to further improve my own critical understanding of type design and page design. Working with other binders, artists and writers did not happen last year, but will in 2011.

The art and illustration aspect of the press is still problematic. I tend to be harsh about my own illustration, but when I do produce linocuts they show evidence of an emerging style, one that I like very much. That style is a bit playful and warped as I loosen up a bit with the cutter. I tend to like my work to tell a story of some sort, and these are the prints that sell best of all. I’ve begun drawing a little almost every day now, which will provide lots of fodder over the coming year.

As evidenced by this entry, I am blogging semi-regularly, which is an achievement of note for someone who would be more at home in an anti-social network. Can’t say the same for FaceBook….

Wrapping up, I landed by good luck a 2nd year college (printmaking) teaching gig in Brockville at St. Lawrence College. Amazing students gave me an amazing experience, years ahead of my own teaching plans. I’m hoping to have the opportunity again, but without doubt, teaching is now part of my life’s landscape.

Happy New Year to all! I like Neil Gaimon’s new year sentiment, so I’ll link and log out….

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One Comment on “Looking Back at 2010”

  1. Deb Says:

    And good madness to you, too, Larry! I am sure you and Holly will create most interesting and wonderful things again, this year!

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