House Portrait – back view “Bohemian Lofts”

When I moved into an apartment in the top of a house in Ottawa south in 1988, I opted for the smaller, more quiet room at the back, with a rear view of a rambling place on the next street. My desk, graced as it was with my KayPro II personal computer, was situated so that I could write and enjoy the view, without any street noise. I learned through unintended observation, therefore, that the house was a hive of artists, bohemians and a rotation of rather shady characters, all great fodder for someone working on a novel. Inevitably, I became the fascinated witness to a few dramas, but thankfully no murders in the line of Hitchcock’s Rear Window. During one rather frustrating bout of writer’s block, I picked up the sketch pad and got to work, later dressing it up with watercolours. And now, a print. I framed one up and brought it to the Makers Hand, and it sold early on the first day, always an encouraging sign because I can never seem to tell if I cut a winner.

The cut block inked up on the press

Editioned print

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