…Sew Little Time Indeed.

So little time, in fact, that I’ve sent 20 copies of Graven Images out to be bound at a professional bindery, namely Smiths Falls Bookbinding. They will be ready for next weekend, the final weekend of the studio tour. I think Allan thought I was a bit touched when I told him I had planned to hand bind the entire edition myself. He was able to accommodate easily some of the peculiarities of this particular structure, and I’m looking forward to seeing the bound edition on Thursday or Friday. Sometime between now and Friday I have to print labels for the cover and the spine.

The first weekend of the studio tour went well, both Holly and I had fair sales, although there isn’t the robust crowds of previous years, probably because there is a great deal more to capture the attention of the populace on any given autumn weekend. The studio looks spiffy, thought; I’ll get shots of it next weekend.

It has become traditional to have a guest artist named Jamie. In previous years, it was Jamie Brick, who has bowed out to do a show in another part of the country. This year, we have Jamie Carter, who has turned our rustic living room into quite a swish little gallery with his mixed media photography, which involves some kind of alchemical process to transfer silver nitrate onto canvas, and that’s just the beginning. (Photos coming, pending permission).

I have five new linocuts for the show, plus one that was used for the CBBAG (bookbinder’s guild) swap (nude at a window), so I printed an edition of that and combined it with a splash of colour in the form of marbled paper. Pictures later.

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