Save verses memory loss or require prescription glasses…

Bold adventurers all!

We came, we saw, we wracked our brains to remember the rules and made up a few, rolled dice, did battle with monsters and made an afternoon of it. Twenty-five years (or more) has passed since many of us gathered to play Dungeons and Dragons, but last Sunday, eight of us reconvened to recapture a fragment of our youth.

I had a great time, although my dungeon might have been a little over-powered (it’s been a while, but I hate to say that I was making astonishingly lucky rolls behind the screens… Shoulda’ bought a lottery ticket that day). I was pretty rusty as a Dungeon Master, trying not so successfully to juggle a lot of things, and when I play again, it will be with large print tables! Nevertheless, the guys seemed to enjoy it, most of the characters survived and more games may be in the offing.

I have to say, in spite of the intervening decades, the lads could remember an amazing number of details from what is a very rule-laden game, from the importance of marching order to the casting of multiple continual lights to the damage done by the magic missile spell. Geniuses then; geniuses now. I tip my hat to you all!

One of the players brought his teenage son with him, which was so totally appropriate, and Wil fit in, soaked up the rules with enviable speed and didn’t seem weirded-out in the least by his father’s middle-aged cronies trying to act his age.

In the end, it was just great to get together with old friends, whatever the reason.

The miniatures above never made it out of the box, but they look cool

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2 Comments on “Save verses memory loss or require prescription glasses…”

  1. Deb Says:

    Iain had a great time…you must do it again!

  2. A fabulous time – thanks!

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