Assembly Begins on Graven Images

I complete cutting the windows on just a quarter of the edition this morning. Here are the results painfully known as ‘printers waste’. painful, because the paper is so damned expensive!

And the stacked up sheets ready to be folded and engravings mounted within made a cool relief sculpture:

Well, small things amuse etc.

Whenever I start an exercise like this, there is a learning curve. But the end of this morning, I was cutting like a pro. During the entire process, I lost only 6 sheets to slips, the cost being about $1 per sheet.

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2 Comments on “Assembly Begins on Graven Images”

  1. Iain Says:

    A lot of work – amazing progrss though!

    Anything you can do with the “waste”?

    • Larry Thompson Says:

      Well, I tend to keep waste that is substantial enough to work with. Also, I have students now, teaching a half credit at Saint Lawrence College, and I have the feeling the students will want the off-cuts.

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