Rolling the Bones

With a firm date in place for a long-awaited D&D reunion game, I realized I had to stop playing around with grand scenarios and populate some dungeons.

I thought I’d be able to knock something off quickly, but took an amazing amount of time, mainly due to the fact that I have forgotten (in the intervening 25 years) many of the rules, most of the spells and the location in the manuals of several key charts and tables.

Long ago, I used to begin with an carefully drafted, elaborate map, complete with illustrations, calligraphy etc. (Sometimes I wonder if I got into the game because of the maps). Then, I’d populate the dungeon on whim, more or less, with no real rationale or over-reaching idea. This was, after all, a fantasy roll playing game. Orcs would co-exist cheerily right next door to a dragon and so on.

This time out, I was building on the (currently hypothetical) foundation of a potential campaign, so most of my energy went into designing something that is at least somewhat cohesive. There’s still lots of random stuff, or “let me see, what shall I use here. Ah screw it: 3 orcs.” Just window dressing, but there’s a lot less of that this time, and more story. It’s a risk though: dungeon dressing supplies mood and enhances the imaginative experience, and the story escapes notice (and sometimes should not be noticed).

Regardless, the adventure I have planned out is pretty much a fight-fest and I’m hoping it will move like gangbusters, and keeps the guys entertained.

So, my leisure reading over the next week will be about spells, saving throws and magic items. And that’s not so bad….

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One Comment on “Rolling the Bones”

  1. Iain Says:

    Took the books out for a perusal this weekend….yeah i had forgotten quite a bit, too. One thing I will have to remember this weekend (which I never had to worry about when we played eons ago)… reading glasses.

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