The home stretch… finally.

This morning, I finished the last of typesetting on Graven Images. Fourteen captions for the wood engravings themselves. This is what the type looks like after setting but before assembling on the press (click on it for more detail):

I work with the composing stick (shown on the top left of the galley tray above) in my left hand, feed type into it from the type trays with my right hand. After completing three or four lines, I transfer the contents of the stick to the galley tray, and repeat.

These captions will be spread over several pages, but for efficiency, I set the type at once, or I should say in brief spurts over a period of a few days – headers in 14 pt italic, body in 12 point, all in our Italian Oldstyle house font. It looks simple enough, but the small amount of type set out and shown above will represent about 800 passes on the press in the end. I’ll be proofing the form tomorrow, then the rest of the weekend is pretty much clobbered. So next week will be very busy on the press as I try to push this project to its conclusion. Once printed, there is the challenge of binding, but first things first.

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