Fantasy in the Forest

One of Jamie Brick's magnificent sculptures outside the new addition to his hobbit house.

My previous post showed work under way on the new addition to Jamie’s growing fantasy building. In many respects, the newly added ‘chapel’ is oddly “level and square” compared to everything else, but looks great with the large Gothic church windows. The tarp kept the weather out, and gave a kind of ‘under the sea’ quality to part of our booth. (Click on the images to see more detail). Check out Jamie’s lamp post!

"Chapel" interior, occupied by Holly, myself and our work. Space came with an upholstered pew. Gotta love it!

Like most of this summer so far, it was bloody hot, but a beautiful breeze came in off the lake and cooled the shaded space. Note that the eaves and the openings around the window tops were wide open… thank goodness!

My work in the nave, for want of a better term. Books and unframed prints on the table, framed work on the walls.

Just a corner of Holly’s work.

"Still got a pulse; the heat hasn't got me yet..."

Jackie-the-potter from the porch booth on the lake-side of the building. Jackie and Holly are the veterans of this show: Jackie has done all 15, and Holly all but the first. I think this is my third or fourth.

More tents and booths set up down one side to the glistening surface of Draper Lake…

…and more tents the other way, between Jamie’s house and the water. This was the biggest show yet, with almost twice the number of artists than last year.

We had a bit of rain late in the day on Saturday, nothing to get fussed about, but this strange cloud formation had all the artists out and snapping madly. Artists never miss the opportunity to use their imaginations to shock, and began to assign the clouds with many vivid and ribald descriptions, not the least being “testicular”. Another artist suggested that if we saw flashing colours, then we’d best lie down and wait for the end. As it turned out, Kingston had just received a hailstorm of biblical proportions, so I remain content and thankful for just the sky-show.

When all was said and done, Holly and I felt we had a great show: good sales, lots of very nice people and the whole wrapped up in a relaxed atmosphere.

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4 Comments on “Fantasy in the Forest”

  1. Iain Says:

    Great pics – the place looks amazing. Love the mammatus clouds. Glad you and Holly had a good time.

  2. Nice choice to lead with Jamie Brick’s sculpture!

    • Larry Thompson Says:

      Jamie’s really hit his stride with the life casts blended with found wood. And selling them in the five figures, too!

  3. Deb Says:

    Looks like you dodged a bullet with the weather! Those cloud forms usually mean big trouble.

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