A Roof w/a View

We spent two days on Draper Lake helping Jamie Brick put a room on the addition to his “hobbit house”. It wasn’t total altruism: the new roof will cover Holly and I when we exhibit there this weekend coming, at Jamie’s Fantasy in the Forest Show.

I enjoy construction. I like the satisfaction of progress. We had some good help, and most important, no pressure, particularly important when doing roof work. At the stage above, we had the 1x6s almost down. I’ve never had a problem with heights, but I don’t like feeling insecure. The angle on this roof is fairly shallow, easy to walk across so long as you stay on your feet; however, it was steep enough to slide easily if you lay across it. I felt much better after hammering two lengths of 2×6 along the fascia above the level of the roof line, allowing me to brace my feet if necessary, and strong enough to stop me if I slid fast, and to stop any tools that might side off the roof and brain somebody below. (Hat tip to father-in-law Bruce for teaching me that). After that, it was full steam ahead with the nail gun!

Jamie’s friend Art worked the other side: he opted for a rope tether anchored to the roof on my side. To each their own.

We tarped the entire roof after this, and that will hold any weather out for the short term. Sometime soon we’ll go back and lay down the shingles.

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2 Comments on “A Roof w/a View”

  1. Deb Says:

    Roofing someone else’s place in hot weather is a good deed no matter how you look at it. Glad you kept your footing!

  2. Iain Says:

    That is HOT work – hope it turned out the way you want.

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