Tenebrismo back again in a 2nd edition

Tenebrismo's little brother.

This time as a laser printed edition, approximately two-thirds in size and more affordable for those who want to enjoy Kera Willis’ poetry without the cost of the letterpress edition.

The cover of this second issue is indeed letterpress, black ink on black cover stock, and like the first edition, it has full colour map end pages. The contents are more or less identical, with two or three of the illustrations moved about, and without the gate fold-out ‘broadside’ for Letter from Lisbon.

While this is a Greyweathers Press production, we’re not publishers of the 2nd edition, so it is not subject to discounts for dealers and subscribers like our other books. I’m guessing a price between $15-$25, but don’t hold me to it. More fact-based info to follow.

There are still copies of the letterpress first edition available, although not many. It has been a good seller — in many cases, people have picked up the book, read a couple poems and plunked down $75 on that basis alone. If that’s not a complement to the poet, I don’t know what is. I love having Tenebrismo in the studio, where I keep display copies of all our books. But I still pick it up and read passages during the odd idle moment….

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2 Comments on “Tenebrismo back again in a 2nd edition”

  1. Larry Says:

    I should note here that Kera is the most patient poet in the world. She waited two years for the first edition to come out, and I suspect almost a year for this one.

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