Hurry up and wait

I ordered paper yesterday for Graven Images. It’ll take three weeks to get here. Soooo, I’ve stopped setting type, and have turned my attention to two smaller projects, but still needing attention. One, a promotional spread for a group show I’ll be taking part in, and two, my Grimsby Wayzgoose anthology contribution. Oh yeah, business cards for the press too. Given the delay, I’m not certain if Graven Images will be finished for the Wayzgoose, but I’ll try.

On top of this, Holly and I been asked by a prof at the Carleton University School of Architecture to do an hour with students on the subject of ‘The Book as Art’. The students tasked to create an art book as a preface to ultimate goal: a theoretical design for a Centre for the Book in Ottawa (like the one in New York City). Sigh. They’re playing with my dreams. It’ll be great to visit Carleton again, and we’ll be invited back to see an exhibition of their efforts at some point down the road. I should note while I’m the one who’ll be prattling on, mostly, it’ll be Holly who’ll shine with her work there.

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