Looking Back – 2009 and before

Something Holly said about 2009 hasn’t left me. She said she felt like she was sitting on top of a mountain, after a very difficult climb, looking down at all the obstacles, and taking in the breathtaking view all around her.

Than pretty much sums it up. 2009 has been a hard slog (and stressful? Oh, yeah!) but it ends on a high note. Holly and I have spent most of December rallying and we’re ready to launch ourselves on a new year, with climbing gear this time.

In more morose moods, I tend to look at 2009 as a failure for the press. No  meaningful work to speak of, low production, no time blah blah blah. In fact, there were a number of achievements in spite of mitigating circumstances. These include:

1) Finishing the printing on the 19th century wood engravings that will make up Graven Images, the now-titled portfolio project

2) Two small projects, one for CBBAG and the other for the Grimsby Wayzgoose, and

3) The one I always forget to mention, taking the point on organizing the vendor part of the Ottawa Book Arts Show and Sale. Geez, that was a lot of work!

Next, the future!

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One Comment on “Looking Back – 2009 and before”

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