Closing out the year at Greyweathers Press

Yesterday I spent a few hours creating a demo binding for the never-ending portfolio project. This is the first trial at how the book will look, once it is an actual book, as opposed to a hair-brained idea. And here is the result (click to enlarge all):

Portfolio version 1.0

The boards are covered in Canson paper, light brown outside, red inside and bound in the Coptic manner.

Here’s a close-up of the stiching:

Book, face down to show stitching

And some spreads to show our solution in presenting the prints:

I like it, but I don’t love it. Because of the direction of the paper grain, I end up with a lot of waste from the covers, as opposed to using hand-made paper, more expensive, but no grain so I’d be able to make it extend twice as far…. and nicer than Canson? Oh, yeah.

I’m satisfied with Holly’s solution to displaying the prints, and the cream Canson is fine for that. I may use Arches or Fabriano for the cover page and introduction etc.

I like the binding, but it takes a hell of a long time. It worries me that the heavy back cover is literally only attached to the last signature, which in this case is a single sheet of paper. Hmmmm.

It all seems a bit lacking in unity.

Whatever. Setting of type begins in January.

Happy new year to all.

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