Pre-New Year Reorganization

For years now we have stored much of our paper under the studio stairwell, trapped behind a loaded type cabinet and two reassigned doors fastened to the stairwell, serving as wall display space. So it’s a chore to go in and find the paper, stored upright in cardboard folders or film boxes. Needless to say it’s almost easier to drive into the city to the art store than attempt to crack open the stairwell.

Fortune landed us with two map drawer cases, one large and one small, so the time came to pull all the stuff out from under the stairwell and give it a good cleaning. Our dog Sneak was delighted — perhaps he thought we were preparing a lair for him….

And here’s a taste of what the studio looked like:

And after:

Sorry Sneak.

We’re still thinking about what to do with the area above. Eventually, there will be a trap door on the landing to utilize the space under there.

Wednesday was a big recycle day.

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