Revisiting, Rethinking and Re-doing

By the end of printing all the blocks in the portfolio, I looked back at the earlier work I had done and found it wanting. Four blocks in all went for reprinting, three of which are illustrated below. In all cases, the rework involved printing the block with less ink and more detail.

First attempt left, second right

In this case, I applied several layers of makeready all around the face and the collar. My blacks aren’t as black as the first attempt, but then again, the lines of the face are more crisp, if not completely black.

First attempt left, final at rightSame issue again. Makeready to the face and head alone, nothing to the background, neck and body. Since the block may have been unfinished, or not well thought out, there was a large area of black under the chin, making a rather elegant Pre-Raphaelite cameo appear rather horrid. I used makeready to emphasize a chin-line which is the only time I tried to alter a block in any way from the original.

Finally, one of the last blocks I printed, then reprinted. I won’t show them both — the scanner can’t pick up on the difference but now I can’t decide if I want the slightly darker version of the one shown below. Sigh.

Next up, presentation, arrangement. Setting type for the booklet and binding up copies.

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One Comment on “Revisiting, Rethinking and Re-doing”

  1. Pete McLean Says:

    Hello Larry. I came across our blog today and I’ve enjoyed learning all about make-ready immensely! Very impressed by the restoration of the willows print.

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