How much for just the harness?

Here’s the latest effort hot off the press today. I started the make-ready for this one yesterday, finished it this morning and printed in the afternoon. It’s all very time consuming.

Is the groom included?

I’m thinking this rather robust horse might be a bit of a handful for this little old fellow. The old man, the horse trader and the horse are the darkest parts of this block. In the end, I had to allow a little bit of gray in on the old man, while trying not to fill in detail everywhere else.

I did loose a bit of detail along the bottom. I know this because while taking proofs with the press only lightly inked up, I found this in the bottom right hand corner (click on it to get an larger view):

Compare it with the print above and you will see that the details are completely filled in, concealing what I think reads: ‘S.A. Dedman 1881’ or it could be ‘Deemon’ or ‘Deamon’. They’re all a little sinister. The blown up version of this shows the challenge of trying to preserve the detail. None of the areas along the bottom 16th inch of the block had any make-ready, but it filled in anyway, and there are still areas in the interior of the block that are not as black as I wish they could be.

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