The Wonderful Mrs. McGarrigle


This is the first of two entries that will talk up two destinations in the village of Merrickville. About a month before the Studio Tour, Mrs. McGarrigle’s Fine Mustard…. Find Food offered their window to Holly and myself, your humble scribe, to display selections of our wares during the tour. Holly did her usual magic with the display and I gather the staff and owner of McGarrigle’s were pleased. We were thrilled and honoured to be there.

The owner began making her award-winning mustards in her kitchen (just across the street from us) then after a series of moves to rented premises, she purchased a storefront building in the centre of town, giving Mrs. McGarrigle’s a permanent home. The store has become a draw for tourists to Merrickville, offering the McGarrigle’s brand of mustard, imported sweets from Europe, exotic sauces, olives from Italy, a cheese bar, even fresh bread every day! All that, and quality merchandise for the kitchen and home. You really have to visit to get the experience.

Thanks again to Janet and her tremendous staff at McGarrigle’s Mustard & Fine Foods!

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One Comment on “The Wonderful Mrs. McGarrigle”

  1. Thanks for your kind words! ‘Twas I who was honoured and thrilled to have your magnificent artwork gracing our front window! Such beautiful work!

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