2009 Merrickville Studio Tour

Studio Tour, final weekend, October 3 & 4, 10 am – 6 pm.

For two weekends in the fall, many of the artists who have made Merrickville their home open their studios to the public. It was a mad scramble for Holly and I to convert our studio from cottage industry to art gallery, but it came together, just in time.

The tour went well. Saturday was sunny and temperate, and we were busy all day long. Sales good. Sunday was rainy and slower, and people seemed to be as tired as I felt. Maybe I was projecting.

In the week between the tours, we convert back to our little crafts factory, but leaving the bones in place. The transforming studio…


Holly and Laura working away in our own miniature ‘cathedral to art’, with Holly’s work on the walls.


Ah, the press shown left making its living as a 2400 lb table. I took this photograph a couple of hours ago, and the boxes (14 in all) are already gone on their way to the halls of commerce.


Linocutting tools on display, and a compositor’s stick (used for gathering type from the trays) at bottom centre.


Wood engraving tools and examples from the work-in-progress — 19th century wood engravings.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the room in the studio to display a tray of type and demonstrate typesetting, but people get the idea from samples of set type that I have out.

Next weekend, I’ll take shots of the studio in full tour mode.

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