The Castle Keep

castle-keepWhile this cut is officially part of the 2008 series, it really dates back over a year earlier, to the spring of 2007. It was a doodle executed during a particularly riveting Merrickville Artists’ Guild meeting. I liked it enough to cut the lino, but didn’t get around to printing it until this past fall. Medieval naive style is harder to duplicate than one might think. There is a sophistication to it that one takes for granted at one’s own risk. The assumption that this style is simply child’s play can lead to one’s drawing looking like child’s work… literally! I have more success with medieval buildings than I do with figures, as a rule.

I like this little castle. I had the early middle ages in mind, although it seems the villagers have moved into this mott and bailey keep. It must be in a fractious area, if everyone feels the need to live, work and worship behind the walls. Someone asked me about the drawbridge; it’s on the other side, near the base of the tower which offers better cover from above. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!)

I’ve done a couple other larger cities, and am casting thoughts toward three 18×24″ sheets of lino, thinking ‘big canvas, baby!’

Here’s a couple of the earlier efforts:

l5 l3

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4 Comments on “The Castle Keep”

  1. From the module of the same name!

    • Larry Says:

      I can’t deny that hanging around with the gang and rolling dice as a teen hasn’t informed my work. In fact, given my recent nostalgic urges to play D&D again, it may very well be fueling it. Well, whatever it takes. Come to think of it, that box of old stuff might have some of my old fantasy drawings… hmmm.

      I’d forgotten about that module though. Did you run that one?

  2. David Says:

    I just took a picture of one of these in its natural habitat. Including a little bit of seasonal flavour as well. There doesn’t appear to be a way to insert a picture here, so look for an email. While I’m at it … I spotted two more. They seem to have a herding instinct.

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