A Visit from Hugh

Today was a fine day on the press. It began with pulling apart my roller assembly and scrubbing away at the rollers with a deglazing compound. It will be the first of many sessions as I try to restore the integrity of the rollers, which have become smooth as glass over the past three years. It doesn’t help the impression.

I finished this labour shortly before Hugh Barclay arrived for a visit. He wanted to have a good look at my flatbed press because he is trying to design a lightweight press using plastics, wood and stainless steel press bed to sell for around $500. So many people are trying to find presses now, and prices are escalating, I’m surprised others haven’t tried to do this. Maybe they have.

Hugh, a fiesty young guy in his early 70’s, is not a man to be daunted easily. With his own press, Thee Hellbox Press, he’s printed several books and pamphlets, and cajoled those of us in the letterpress community to conspire together on collaborative projects. (See Hugh Barclay’s One Day Wonder).

Hugh joined us for lunch, we discussed much and then he headed for home ahead of the winter storm on its way.

Inspired, I inked up the press with red in the afternoon, printed that bloody ‘O’ for the Press Gang version of the vampire story, along with another small project. So some small progress on the press at last.

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