Femme Fatale I


A long time ago, I owned a Zippo lighter. Although I’ve been straight these past 20 years, I still miss smoking.

This is the first in a series of girls who are bad, but in a good way, and very much inspired by the highly defined art of Sin City. Indeed, this lady’s only apparent vice seems to be a weakness for tobacco, a fault I know quite well. However, there was something hard-bitten about her character; it makes me think, perhaps, she is a private detective on a stake-out. Out to avenge the death of a partner or lover? Not too concerned about the means, but ultimately determined to make things right…? Maybe she’s got culprit on the hook, and is pausing to light up to ramp the dramatic tension. Snuff him in “self defense,” or turn him over to the law? Or maybe someone else is holding the lighter up for her?

I didn’t think this would be a very popular photo; the subject matter is a tad politically incorrect, but I’ve already sold a couple. Some of the tonal shading around her face is done in the classic style of wood cut and wood engraving, and once again hints at a turn in that direction some day soon.

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