Village Church

My architectural prints sell well, and beyond that, the geometry of roof lines and architectural details interests me. This is a church in Merrickville, a stone pile erected turn of the century, sort of neo-gothic warping into Arts & Crafts, but I don’t mind its identity crisis – it remains to me one of the most interesting buildings in a village blessed with an abundance of great architecture. This is the back side of the church, if I may put it so crudely. But there it is. In my opinion, it is a most attractive backside, and one you get to see if you stroll on the lawns beneath the great trees along side the Merrickville canal locks. Pretty idyllic. Well, that’s enough tourist promotion for now. Tomorrow something a little more thoughtful relating to my work in the antiques business.

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One Comment on “Village Church”

  1. I remember your long-ago drafting project. Looks as though it was a reasonable precursor!

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