The 2008 Series

Back again. I’ve decided to post images of my new linocut block prints, the one’s I madly prepared and printed in time for this year’s Merrickville Artist’s Studio Tour. This is a 2-weekend event, the first of which just passed rather successfully, both in sales and in the volume of interesting and interested people who came through the studio. I sold a Kubla Khan, one of the Vampire books, and combined with mail orders I have to complete, it leaves me dangerously low on my supply of bound books. Not a problem I expected to have so soon! In any case, I spent yesterday printing Kubla Khan covers as my press demonstration, so I’m now ready to bind the balance of the edition, after three years.

So much to do; so little time. We leave for England in exactly one week and it may as well be tomorrow for all I have to get done. But I thought I’d restart my blog (again) with an image an entry, with a bit of an explanation about each one, to give them a bit of depth.

I’ve been thinking about this new series for some time, but avoided actually putting knife to lino (‘Oh, look! Filing to do! Dishes…! Vacuuming….! Anything…?’) until quite recently, perhaps about three weeks ago. I had plenty of images stored up, and ideas about how to attack them. Most of the new series are based on my own sketches or photographs, as opposed to ones purloined from that great font of visual stimulus, the www. Some are quite personal, relating to family present and past, and in keeping with the faint manifestations of mid-life crisis, some look back to my youth, although not in any way that I might have expected.

So I’ll start with the first image in the next entry, one that falls into the latter category.

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