What I’ve Been Doing With My Summer

Working mostly. The summer orders shipped last week, and that’s all we have on the books for now, although we have been told to expect more orders soon. Good news!

While I’ve been working hard making money these past four months, I have been thinking about the press, something I have in common with so many other letterpress printers who must also work for a living. I’m still no confident enough yet to begin a major book project without devoting every hour of the day to it. Instead, I’ve taken the odd day off to deal with organization.

In an earlier blog I talked about paper storage beneath the long oak desk opposite the press. It was a change in direction to store more type rather than store paper. There are still about four bankers boxes full of paper that hasn’t been used in years, and may not be for years yet. I bought new, rather pricey paper for the Vampire project, and I think that more or less demonstrated to me the futility of trying to store large supplies of paper. So henceforth, get paper when I need it, in the quantity that I require for the job, and sell off or give away the off-cuts.

Here it is in the midst of being cleared out:

I got rid of the white shelves, took some measurements, bought some rough pine siding (still relatively cheap at $1 per linear foot) and built two cabinets like this:

Those slats inside are held on with just three 1″ finishing nails. It remains to be seen how long they will last with type trays resting on them. Ah well, repairs will be made on the fly, as always. The cabinets just fit under the desk, and fit in a lot of this stuff:

Now, most of these trays of type went off to other worthy homes, but the few I kept reside beneath the desk now. As well, a kept a couple trays that had the ribbing knocked out of them, creating a more multi-purpose space for storing the stuff that always seems to float up after print jobs: unmounted lino cuts, magnesium or copper plates, sundry tools, compositing sticks, other sundry tools and important little pieces of paper with numbers or dates written on them.

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2 Comments on “What I’ve Been Doing With My Summer”

  1. David Rotor Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had the occasion to appropriately say to you “glue and screw”. In reference, of course, to:

    “Those slats inside are held on with just three 1″ finishing nails. It remains to be seen how long they will last with type trays resting on them.”

  2. Larry Says:

    Oooh, clever! Considering the amount of use the runners will receive, they should last a good long time. The long-term plan is to replace them with metal L-brackets, which should make space for two or three more drawers.

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