My Summer, Pt.2

During my labours this summer, I also ruminated on the stalled Vampire project. The disintegration of the ‘Bloody O” block allowed for the production of just 20 of 75 copies, all of which have sold. I’m in the peculiar position of having outstanding orders! Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I sent a digital file off to a London, Ontario -based outfit named Sterling, and after some confusion, and the plate apparently making a trip to British Columbia, it arrived at my door.

Most magnesium and copper letterpress plates that I’ve seen are trimmed prior to mounting on the block. This one wasn’t, and after a few proofs, the soft magnesium along the edges began to curl up high enough to pick up ink.

I fumed on this for another week or so until yesterday, whereupon I carefully pried the delicate plate off the block, trimmed around the raised impression, cleaned the residual glue off with solvent and remounted it on the block.

Today I’ll test the plate and see what happens. Stay tuned….

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