Summing up

Back again, after another month-long break from blogging. Part of this is thanks to an idle press, a heavy work-load, freelance assignments etc. Whatever the case, I should wrap-up the Vampire chronicles by saying a few words about the text.

About a year ago, the Ottawa Press Gang planned a collaborative project, the theme being fairy tales. After much searching in vain for a piece that was a) in the public domain, b) short in length and c) even mildly interesting, a friend loaned me a collection of Russian folk tales. Most of these were pretty conventional, translated first from the oral tradition and then into English, but after reading the lot, I seemed to have absorbed the style, language, and beat of these tales, so I sat down and wrote my own. Then I decided to print an edition separate from the collaboration.

After finishing it, I realized I had written a classic ‘slayer’ tale, much in the mold of Jos Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer: a problematic young woman with special innate powers taking matters of a vampire infestation into her own hands with a combination of smarts and courage. Sounds like Buffy. So credit where credit is due: the book is dedicated to that most unlikely vampire slayer, Buffy, and her gang, the Scoobies.

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