Type and paper

During production of V&7thD, entire mornings would vanish in a flurry of proofs in an effort to achieve the perfect impression. I add ink slowly to the press because I have read again and again how the common error amongst novices and apprentices is over-inking. So while I build up the ink on the press, I proof read each test proof again, looking for those elusive typos. Multiple proofs also seems to help ‘train’ the packing around the drum, which may still carry the faint impression from a previous press run. Finding the best impression is like searching for the Holy Grail, occasionally the Monty Python version. The good news is that corrections on the press are down significantly from previous projects, meaning I’m becoming more accurate as I set type. For the gothic type I used Goudy Text, a very beautiful blackletter font named after its designed, who also, as it happens, designed our house font, Italian Oldstyle. Considering I bought this font used and it looked like hell in the trays, it printed almost perfectly. I’m staring to warm up to blackletter in spite of my better judgment.

It was terrifying printing on expensive paper, but the Arches Text Wove is very forgiving, and just while I was printing I could feel the difference: the work felt richer. Like a lot of fine papers, stuff sticks to it. During collation, I notice that several sheets (the one with the cover page etc) had bits of grease on the edges picked up from the press somewhere. Very frustrating, and difficult to fix, page by page, individually.

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