Searching for my Outer Blood-sucker

The saga of the Vampire and the Seventh Daughter continues, with all my energy focused on the final, largest and central illustration of the work. In an earlier blog, I illustrated one attempt at the main image, and said that I had decided against it. Never assume that I am telling you the truth. Actually, you should apply that rule to most everyone.

I spent precious time exploring other avenues, as shown:


Same idea as the image found on the web, but further efforts with it proved unsatisfactory.


Back to the sketch book, with a view to creating an image that would suffice for both the short wide edition and the tall thin edition. I may revisit this image, or something like it, for the deluxe version. So, back to the beginning.


This is a proof finished off in Photoshop and printed on-piece on a laser printer, so that I could do a proper acetone transfer to the block, resulting in


The cut block


The final product, although there are some subtle bits of cutting that still remain to be done. I owe Holly big-time for this. I had almost given up on a ‘first page’ image at all, save for her timely intervention, and it all came together.

Speaking of tweaking, to follow up from the last blog entry, I had to redo one of the small 2″ images that I am calling ‘vampire bites’. This one, the neck bite, worked out much better, as these blocks usually do when I have to do them over again. Like the main image, I had to go through a bit of trial and error to arrive more or less back where I started, only with results.


My original effort. Some could not identify it as human on first view, always a bad sign. Another said it looked very muscular and masculine.


Another attempt that, while unsuitable for the project, I still like very much as an abstract.


Again, the style doesn’t suit the project, but I like the expression of the piece, and may end up using it for something else.


And the winner is, this one. A reverse take on the first attempt, this time clearly human and distinctly feminine.

Illustrations are more or less sorted out. Now back to the text and the type.

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2 Comments on “Searching for my Outer Blood-sucker”

  1. Interesting! Very much agree re: winner.

  2. Phoenix Says:

    Fantastic Book Larry, one of my favourite pieces of your work so far! The story, lino cuts, binding and well crafted details of the book are fantastic.

    The fact that you completed this in so little time is great. It reminds me of back in school – some of my best work was written in the wee hours of the morning on the day it was due. Always the procrastinator ;0)

    Love Meg

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