Snowy Day

Judging from the most recent dump of snow out there this morning, I have to conclude that the ice age is pretty much underway. I think many authorities agree, although I’m pleased to say that, barring cataclysmic events, I’ll have to wait anywhere from 200 to 1,000 years before the glaciers force my relocation. For the nonce, though, lots more snow, and flooding in fair weather. Here in eastern Ontario we’re challenging the 1971 record snowfall, which by chance I can remember. But who could forget the childhood memory of walking on the snow over one’s house, and, with friends, digging interconnected tunnels through adjoining suburban properties. The idea of an ice age might have had some appealed to me at age seven.

But enough about the weather. The snow, combined with the notable absence of real work in the studio has opened a window of opportunity to catch up on bookkeeping, prep for the next wave of Cirque work, and yes, work on a number of letterpress projects.

When I founded Greyweathers Press, it was very much in my mind to do at least some vanity press work (to print my own writing, and that of my friends) and this year has presented the opportunity. Failure to find a suitable fable for the Ottawa Press Gang collaboration resulted in my putting pen to page on a piece of fiction for the first time in… well, decades, now that I think about it. So that is almost entirely set in lead (I ran out of lower case ‘h’s before I could finish it completely!) Today and tomorrow I’ll be working on illustrations for that work, then next week I suspect it will be time to begin printing.

Holly and I have had a long-standing plan to collaborate on book, although how to start has had us stymied for some time. Much of this has to do with the difference in our creative outlook. It is my belief that a book project must begin with a text, and that text dictates the form and design of the delivery mechanism, be it book or megabyte. Onthe other hand, Holly tends to work from the structure up. So we settled somewhere in the middle. I had to (at the very least!) know what the topic was, and from there we planned out a delightfully articulated book that will combine letterpress and a lot of other stuff. Well, at least I know what my part is.

So LibrAries will be the ultimate of vanity press projects, a thinly veiled autobiographical story of our lives, told through brief vignettes and the titles of books that influenced us through the years. The title is a combination of our respective astrological signs, Libra and Aries, which works, but I must declare that I don’t put much stock in astrology. The book will be two books really, one for each of us, facing each other, until our time lines converge, and then we have to really collaborate.

Last week I sat down and wrote the first few notes, those being on childhood, and began to realize why I had forgotten all those years. While both Holly and I were timid creatures as children, she seems to remember that other Country as a Wonderland, whereas my recollection is quite different. Oh, I had a good home, loving parents and pleasant enough friends, but I did not mesh well with Institutions, nor they with me. I think it’s a pretty common experience. Whatever the case, LibrAries is turning out to have a lot more parallels than Holly and I would have guessed.

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2 Comments on “Snowy Day”

  1. Like the _LibrAries_ title!

  2. Andrea Says:

    Isn’t it amazing what we find out as we dig into things and (figuratively) people? Things are not as random as they seem…..

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