Bite Me!

Work on the vampire story project has begun in earnest. A little background: last year, the Ottawa Press Gang decided to do a second collaboration, this one based on the very general theme of fairy tales. After spending months playing with the notion of doing a R.L Stevenson juvenile poem, and not really very happy with the idea, I changed gears and have written a vampire story in the manner of a folk tale, but laden with lots of juicy erotic subtext, blood, demons, an evil princess, blood, a dauntless heroine, blood, a beautiful damsel in jeopardy and some more blood. Just like fairie tales of old, before they were sanitized.

Anyway, I’ve started setting type,


and sorting out the illustrations. I could just do one illustration, but nooooooo. I’m thinking about six right now. One main page sized block, three small images which I am calling ‘bite marks’, a drop cap for the O in ‘Once upon a time’ and maybe a little puddle of blood under the colophon, or perhaps a grave marker. Here are some images of how it’s coming along:

sheets.jpg The draft sheets, used while typesetting. The highlighted bits are ligatures, and I do indulge in some editing on the fly.



dropcaps.jpg I’m particularly pleased with these drop caps, which features a drop of blood running down the left side of the text from the cap O in ‘Once upon a time…” A slightly modified version of the one on the right will be cut to the block. Naturally the image will be printed in red ink.





vampbites.jpg These three bite marks will punctuate the story where the vampire draws blood from ankle, then wrist, then neck. My first idea was to make them very small, and embed them in the text, but now they will split the text entirely.




prelimillust.jpg And here is a draft of the main illustration. The vampire and victim will have to change, since the image is not mine and is absolutely not in the public domain, although the extent to which I have altered it opens a great legal conundrum. That’ll be a good blog entry of its own for another time. However, it’s a good start, but the final version will probably be a little more stylized and a little less boob grabby. Stay tuned….

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3 Comments on “Bite Me!”

  1. Vampires… couldn’t stay away from the topic forever, huh?

  2. Larry Says:

    What can I say…. reverting to type in my old age. The next thing you know, people might think I played D&D or something!

  3. Alex Says:

    Larry… I can’t wait. It looks great so far. :O)
    Very exciting topic… and the “drop ‘o blood” drop caps look excellent.

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