Demon in the Machine

I’m a Mac guy. Have been since a good friend sat me down in front of a Mac Classic back in 1992. Prior to that, I worked in DOS, so you can imagine the paradigm warp that took place. Well, maybe you Window lifers can’t, and that’s OK. For 15 years I’ve been vaguely aware but blissfully free of most of the problems that have plagued the other 90% of computer users. My only concern has been the persistent worry that Microsoft would achieve its goal of world domination by running Apple out of business. With iPod and growing sales in computers, Steve Jobs has held that fate off for a while, at least.

Recently, the company that made our accounting software has stopped supporting upgrades for Mac in Canada. Either we could buy a cheap PC to run our accounting, or buy the latest Mac, which can support both platforms, or all platforms apparently. We went with the latter option, although I am vaguely discomfited by the notion of Windows being anywhere near our Mac, let alone inside it. My lovely computer geek, Holly, assured me there would be no problems. The hard drive is partitioned. Firewalls are in place. Cages are locked securely. Security is tight as a drum. Windows doesn’t even have a window in its cell on our computer. You’d think that would do it.

The only visual evidence of Windows on the computer is this icon, which appears on the desk top:


Innocuous enough. But if you shut the computer down (something we do occasionally) and start it up again, Windows launches and takes over. No surprise. Holly says its nothing more than changing a preference toggle somewhere, but I’m worried. We beat Windows back into its cell by a different relaunch protocol, then we’re back in Mac Land.

But I can’t help but think we’ve got a demon in our machine….. Perhaps we should rename the ‘untitled’ drive ‘Hannibal Lector’.

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One Comment on “Demon in the Machine”

  1. marie and blair Says:

    I read this out loud to Blair who laughed out loud (lol!)

    Some day we’ll switch to Mac!

    Here’s to conquering the beast in the machine…

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