The Uppity Canadian

Time to say a few words about a periodical that will forever have a place in my heart — The Upper Canadian. The UC is a bi-monthly antiques trade/collector newspaper (tabloid style) with a Canadian focus. I worked on it in various roles for over 10 years, finishing up as editor about two years ago. The paper sold about three years ago, and I carried on as editor for a year after that. I still contribute the occasional article.

I just saw the latest edition today. Recently, the publishers have bought out one of the competing journals (The Antiques & Collectible Showcase), merged it with the UC and re-launched in a large-size magazine format with full colour throughout and a glossy cover. After years and years of printing art shots in B&W, I’m thrilled that readers can now see that formerly lost dimension — colour! They’ve done a good job with the merger of the two periodicals, and the editorial content is solid. It’s great to see The Uppity Canadian carrying on so well.

(If the endearment ‘The Uppity Canadian’ sounds silly, note that veteran dealer Henry Dobson — no relation to Bill — liked to call it ‘The Upper Carpathian’. These are the polite names we were called).

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