The Spring Line-up

So here’s what’s up and coming from Greyweathers Press over what will likely be the next two or three years:

1) The Seventh Daughter and the Vampire. A signature (or section of pages) for a collaborative project of the Ottawa Press Gang. The Gangsters decided to do a book of faerie tales, so I wrote one of my own, loosely based on some Russian folk tales. Yeah, leave it to me to bloody the pages up a bit. No one will be able to give copies to children (although they would have in the 19th century!) I’ll post the story later. This one is next up, due January 2008. I’m doing 75 for the Gang, and 50 for myself to sell.

2) Cirque project (speculative) I’m not saying too much about this one right now, but the Cirque du Soleil has been a big part of my life and I’d like to do something on the press that would be Cirque-like. It would involve block prints and more creative use of type than I’ve done before.

3) Thompson Family History. A hundred years ago, my great-great grandfather sat down and wrote his family history from their arrival in Canada in 1821 to 1907. He was 81 years old. The hand-written manuscript is 240 pages long. In the mid-1990s I transcribed it into text on a computer, and just before Christmas I hired a friend to help me finish the proofing, and it’s almost ready to put into pages. Needless to say, this will not be a letterpress project. However, I will likely print the title page for the 21st century edition. There’s lots of image scanning left to do, so I expect to have this off to the printers and binders by March or April. I’m planning on printing about 20 copies, which should be enough to cover most of Joshua’s descendants.

4) Grimsby Wayzgoose contribution – a pamphlet to be completed by March 1st.

5) A collaborative book project with Holly. It will be part letterpress, part painting. It will be rather autobiographical.

6) The wood engravings of Samuel S. Kilburne, Boston. Just after our Studio Tour this year a neighbour walked in to the studio with a case containing a couple dozen wood engraving from the 19th century. One identified the owner as S.S. Kilburne of Boston, and a google search revealed he was active in the mid-19th century up until 1870s at least. There’s not much known about him, so we migh have to do a little research, but the block would make a great book. This project is in development.

7) Fantastic Journeys — The Untold Detours and Lost Maps of the Great Explorers. My buddy in Toronto loves maps, and wondered if I’d do a book with maps in it. Hey, I thought. Why didn’t I think of that before? But it will have quite the fantasy twist to it… a trip indeed.

8. Back to the classics with Selections from Idylls of the King by Alfred Lord Tennyson (or In Memorium, I haven’t quite decided). This will be a book.

9) A portfolio titled “Five — A Selection of Text and Block Cuts from the first five years of Greyweathers Press” (for release in 2010)

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