My Press

Vandercook 219 AB in the Studio at Greyweathers

If you want to do fine press printing, you need a press. I print on a Vandercook 219 with adjustable bed, which weighs in at 2400 lbs and provides an 18 x 24 inch impression area. Which is good, but you need a LOT of type to fill that space. Some people wonder about the gender of their Vandercooks; I’ve never given it much thought. I guess if it’s female, then a Cold War era East German swim team member comes to mind, just on looks alone. So maybe Helga or Gudrun. Well, perhaps not. I’m sure there are German super-models out there with those names. Or how about Buffy, the Typo Slayer? Or make her a he and call him Hell Boy, since hell is what I go through sometimes when I print. I’ll have to mull on the name thing. Of course I am open (though not subject) to suggestion.

Originally I wanted an SP-15 (219s little brother), because it is a honey of a press, but the 219 showed up at a used offset dealer’s place in Peterborough. I paid little for it, but in instalments because I need months to figure out how to get it home. It came in one piece. And that’s another story for another topic.

(The above is a version of something I contributed to Facebook…. Can one to too connected?)

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